The Female Factor

As a woman and mom training women and mothers, I offer the “lived” experience. I recognize and understand the unique challenges that women and mothers often face when it comes to making time for fitness.

Expert Knowledge

As a former professional athlete, certified instructor and pre & post-natal specialist, I bring a varied and qualified advantage to the table. My extensive knowledge base and connection to other experts in the field means you are in safe and capable hands.

Honesty & Integrity

I truly care about my clients and strives to find the best fitness solutions for them. My tough-love approach means I offer compassion and care while also pushing you to meet and exceed your goals.

Dance Background

My professional ballet career background has taught me to move my body in a different way, with a graceful, strength-driven approach. All of my workouts infuse this learned awareness of body and movement, promoting proper posture and alignment.

The Motivational Edge

With MyFituals, you never have to worry about growing tired of the same old routine and losing motivation. I create all of my own workouts, changing them daily so you are always in for a new challenge. A modern, upbeat soundtrack is constantly updated to help keep you engaged and inspired.


My unique approach is offered in a variety of settings including; private training, intimate classes and pre & post-natal support. A unique mix of ballet, yoga and resistance training – no matter what phase of life you’re in, there is a place for you with MyFituals.



I am a bundle of endless energy with an intense passion for motivating people to move their bodies. In order to meet the demands of training requests from friends, I created a unique fitness class that gracefully moves through real ballet technique, athletic conditioning using bodyweight, light weights and resistance bands that always concludes with a yoga infused cool down and light stretching. MyFituals was created to motivate and support women to take back the “Me” time they deserve. The focus of the program is centered on overall well-being and learning to foster a healthy mind-body connection. When you get into the routine or habit of taking time to peruse a self-care “ritual”, it becomes clear that placing equal importance on the function of your body, as well as the form or outward appearance is vital to achieving overall health and wellness.

Prior to this “fit mom” chapter of my life, I danced professionally as a soloist with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and the Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle. During my 18-year ballet career, I was fortunate enough to perform all over the world. To keep up with the constant demands of my schedule, both mentally and physically, I found myself becoming addicted to conditioning outside of the studio. This ritual of body maintenance not only became a passion but a necessity for me to keep my body virtually injury free, which is almost unheard of in a dancers life.

I am now retired from the stage and fully immersed in the second act of my life as a wife and a mommy to the sweetest little girl, who always keeps me on my toes. I am passionate about pursuing my love of personal training and group fitness as well as sharing nutrition and overall wellness to my clients, friends and family as I choose to move forward in this second career of my life. I am passionate to share my approach to fitness with you, inspiring personal growth through nurturing attention and an effective workout in the comfort of a home studio.


  • 200 hour-RYT
  • Womens Fitness Specialist (NASM)
  • Next Generation Yoga Teacher (Ages 2-7)
  • MUTU Pro™ Certified
  • Postnatal Fitness Specialist : JMG Fitness Academy